Art my butt!

Was just doing my rounds at the IPL, and this garbage is being dis0layed as art!! Yrs, that is the symbol of FREEDOM worldwide covered in caution tape! And if you look closely, yes, those are pages of the BIBLE TORN AND WADDED UP at the base!! As an American, I am deeply offended, as a Christian, I am saddened, and as a veteran, I am pissed off!! My family will never visit this library again!

All displayed on a cross of course!! This is what the socialist Democrat liberals think of our great nation and Christianity! They should NEVER be allowed to hold power of any type!! And I know if I report this as a hostile work environment, I would lose my job over them tearing this monstrosity down! And this is “ART” brought in by a local public school! Look at what the ex hippies of the 60’s are doing doctor kids minds! They are indoctrinating them to hate America!

#liberalismsucks #liberalismisamentaldisorder